JERASH: The Remake

Feel the Rush in Jerash

Level 2 Design Boards

Design Boards are never that easy to compile so I have done two design board.

One is a landscape and a portrait but both have different style which to be frank one of them doesn’t really have a formative layout. A final one will be issued soon 😀

Level 2: A3 Portfolio

Portfolio for the new Level 2~!

click on the thumbnail to enlarge it

Comments are deeply appreciated 😀

Level 2 with Texture

Hello there again readers, yes I have textured the Zeus Temple but they are still pending as I am still consulting with lecturers whether they are suitable and visualizing appealing. Please do comment if you have any suggestions.

Level 2 Model

Alright, now that Level 1 is completed, I can now Proceed to Level 2 which is the Zeus Temple Tour itself for users. Below are Modeling process for Level 2. These models are not yet model as I am still doing the Texture sheets for the roof and others. Wait for the next Post 😀

Texturing Jerash

More to Come~!

Level 1 3D Detail Modeling Optimized


Level 1 Basemap Plans

a4-size-top-view-hadrian.jpg a4-size-front-zeus-copy.jpga4-size-top-zeus-copy.jpg